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North Dakota Brings Important Divorce Issue to the Ballot

  North Dakota voters now have an additional box to check on Election Day this November. The decision of whether or not to enact Shared Parenting will be included on the November 14th ballot and the fate of divorcing North Dakota families will be left up to the discretion of state’s voters. It is due

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The Conundrum of Same-Sex Divorce in Florida

  As same-sex couples continue to fight for the right to marry in many U.S. States, another major challenge is facing gay couples wishing to legally terminate their union. Kathleen Vacca is a recent example of a Florida resident being denied a divorce because the state does not recognize the legitimacy her same-sex marriage.  Read

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Tennessee Judge Cites State Law in Ruling Against Same-Sex Divorce

  A same-sex couple was denied the ability to divorce in their residing state of Tennessee by a judge citing state law. Roane County Circuit Judge Russel E. Simmons Jr. declined a request to divorce for two men who were married four years ago in Iowa, because Tennessee does not recognize same-sex marriage. Judge Simmons’

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New Jersey Alimony Reform Bill Awaiting Gov. Christie’s Approval

  After nearly two-and-a-half years of consideration, the outdated alimony law in New Jersey may soon undergo a much-needed reform. New Jersey’s alimony law may soon undergo a major update. The pending alimony reform bill, which has already won the support of the State Assembly and the New Jersey State Senate, is now awaiting approval

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Joy M. Feinberg Appointed President of U.S. Chapter of IAML

A Partner at the Chicago law firm of Boyle & Feinberg, P.C., attorney Joy M. Feinberg is officially leading the IAML USA Chapter as President for the next two years. Ms. Joy M. Feinberg, Partner at Boyle & Feinberg, P.C., has been inaugurated as the President of the USA Chapter of the International Academy of Matrimonial

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Pet Custody Contention in New York Divorce

  Two New York women are resorting to litigation to resolve the one dispute in their divorce settlement: who will get sole custody of their two-year-old miniature Dachshund? Manhattan Justice Matthew Cooper has granted oral arguments for New York’s first matrimonial pet-custody case at a date yet to be set. Judge Cooper, who owns a

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Non-resident Same-Sex Couples Allowed to Divorce in Canada

  Residential requirements for divorce lifted for foreign same-sex couples married in Canada. Canada no longer requires foreign couples to have provincial residential status for one year before allowing a petition for divorce. Up until June 2013, at least one member of a same-sex couple had to have lived in the same jurisdiction where they

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Missing Lawyer Javad Heydary Facing Contempt of Court Motion

  Missing Toronto Lawyer Javad Heydary is being  investigated by the Law Society of Upper Canada Toronto lawyer, Javad Heydary, is being investigated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. The 49-year-old lawyer was last heard from Nov. 15,  telling colleagues he needed to return to his native Iran because of an ailing relative. A

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New York City Bar Association Launching Programs to Help New Lawyers

  The New York City Bar Association is launching several new programs to help lawyers beginning their careers to obtain training and employment opportunities that current CLE programs lack.  The New York City Bar Association is launching several new programs to help new lawyers adapt their practices to the changing legal landscape. After over a

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Divorce Attorney Killed By Former Client

  Issues stemming from a divorce case and unpaid attorney fees resulted in the murder of a Nebraska family lawyer by a former client.  Nebraska divorce attorney Todd V. Elsbernd, 52, was fatally shot by a high-powered rifle outside his law office on November 13, 2013, by former client Michael Petersen, 58. The body of

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